Got a Dream? Want $1,000 to help make it happen?

So what’s your dream? Maybe you wanna blow up on Spotify, mint 10,000 NFTs and make millions, sell your art, get a Michelin star, become a youtuber – you do you!

Join the Manaaki You Do You Community, post your dream and $1,000 could be yours!

Here’s how

  • Entries opened on Monday 20th December and we will draw the first winner on Monday 24th January 2022. Then every week after that for 9 weeks.

  • First you have to join the You Do You group in the Manaaki Community here

  • Once you’re in there and a member of the group click the + button at the top of the feed, then click Article on the drop-down box, add your title, embed video link & a little about who you are then click post and you’re in the draw for $1,000 every week for 10 weeks. 

It's that simple.

And even if you don’t win the money, our community there are literally hundreds of industry gurus, influencers, sports stars, music producers, business leaders, mentors, and absolute killers who wanna help you bring your dreams to life.

Don’t know what your dream is yet? All good. This is a safe space to figure it out and get some inspiration. All we want you to do is take that first step.

So get comfortable, introduce yourself and let’s make some dreams happen!

Who can enter

If you’re between 16 and 24, all you’ve gotta do is make some form of content of ‘You Doing You’ showcasing your dream. Our community helps decide who wins every week!

Ready? This is your moment. You’ve got this.

Winners so far....

Apply in 3 steps


Join the Manaaki You Do You Group.


Post an article telling us about your dream.


Share the link with your friends for $1,000.

The crew behind You Do You

The team is led by relentless innovator, Pat MacFie, who lives with a Te Ao Māori world view. With a deep sense of purpose, Pat is known for his tenacious ability to take an idea and create a force for change, over and over again.

He has built and managed teams, leading the design and implementation of digital innovation for global brands including Xero. 

Pat works alongside Co-Founders Jada MacFie (Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, Ngaati Maahanga-Hourua, Ngāti Pāoa, Ngāti Kauwhata), Andy Hamilton: formerly of The Icehouse and a former small business advisor to Minister Stuart Nash & Monty Betham: Samoan Kiwi sporting legend

Together they lead a growing team of 25 at innovation agency WeAreIndigo – the powerhouse behind platforms & Small Business Day

Manaaki is led by Rachel Adams. Over the past 10 years, Rachel has worked with over 1000 small business owners and startup entrepreneurs spanning 50+ industries in her roles at business hub Soda Inc. and now as General Manager at Manaaki.  

Manaaki Team


When can I enter?

  • We are taking applications from 20th December 2021 until 24 March 2022. We will give away the first $1,000 on 24th Jan 2022 and every week until 28th March 2022. 

Can I enter more that one?

Yes. You can post each week for your chance to be chosen each week for the $1,000 cash grant. 

Do I have to be based in Auckland?

No, we want to see people posting their dreams from all over Aotearoa. 

Can I use the money on anything?

Yes. We want you to use this to help bring your dream to life. 

Is there other support to bring my dream to life?

Yes. Our community has literally hundreds of industry gurus, influencers, sports stars, music producers, business leaders, mentors, and absolute killers who wanna help you bring your dreams to life. So just ask for help and let’s see what we can do. 

What organisations are behind this initiative?

Manaaki supports small Kiwi business owners through the challenges and opportunities of owning a business. Since it launched in March 2020, over 300,000 Kiwis have interacted with content on the platform, or received answers to their questions from Kiwi business experts.

NZMA has provided the grant money to bring this initiative to life! Thanks NZMA. They are a leading provider of quality private training and education in Aotearoa. They strive to bring students world-class hospitality, cookery and business training, in small classes taught by industry-experienced tutors. 

Young Enterprise is one of our key support partners. The Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) is an experiential programme where year 12-13 students in New Zealand set up and run a real business.