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      Written approval for franchisees, to enable them to resume work in level 2

      Question submitted 11/09/21 @ 05:08pm

      Coffee News is a weekly print publication delivered to 100+ display outlets in each territory (25 editions Nationwide) As the mater franchisor I got the all clear (from Covid Response helpline) to resume distribution of Coffee News into hospitality venues in Level 2 (wearing masks and signing in at each cafe, just entering, dropping the copies to display and leave straight after) However, one of our franchisees (the largest) claims he can't be working in Level 2. He wants written approval from an overseeing body that confirms we are allowed. Is there a way we can get some sort of written confirmation that; 1. It is allowed for hospitality to display magazines, printed publications and flyers? 2. When wearing a mask and sign in, we can distribute copies of Coffee News to our display venues? Note, we encourage our readers to take the copy home (and not put back), and have implemented QR codes on our stands (since last lockdown) to read our copies online Can you please help, as this will massively impact our brand with 9 more editions in Auckland (not operating during level 3 and 4) Kind regards Rudy Kokx Director at Coffee News NZ limited

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      • Andrew Hamilton



        Reply submitted 11/09/21 @ 05:08pm


        Kia Ora Rudy – tough and challenging; and I can understand how people will react in different ways. I suspect firstly, if the one of the franchisees does not want you or your staff on his/her premises in level 2, there is nothing you can do about that. I also don’t think you will get a personalised letter from MBIE about this. All you can do is point to the guidelines and rules for businesses at each level of 4 3 and 2 – as the ‘rules’ are published to enable businesses and citizens to operate under generally.

        I can see that some people will want total safety – but also following good practice of masking, distancing I would hope give your customer/partners confidence when you are distributing the magazines.

        An open question to the franchisee might be – how would you be happy to have the magazines in the business?


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