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      How to use social media to engage our audience & attract new followers

      Question submitted 13/09/21 @ 02:21pm

      Kia Ora team, I'm after some advice re our social media pages (@thecollectiveaotearoa). Social media isn't something I'm particularly skilled at, but see it as an integral part of how we communicate with our audience and attract new followers. As a one man band I don't have a huge amount of time so do the best I can with the basic knowledge I have. I'd love to understand how to use both platforms more effectively, for example 'stories', ie, can I put a story up that is also a post? Should I be doing that every time I post something? If not, what content should I be putting on stories? How can I best use video, either our own or reposting others? (can I repost someone's video?). I'm also totally in the dark when it comes to 'collabs', would be great to know how to approach this, who to approach and how it works. Thanking you in advance :)

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      • Andrew Hamilton



        Reply submitted 13/09/21 @ 02:21pm


        Kia Ora – these are really good questions. Well done. A few places for you to consider:
        – sign-up to Digital Boost – and do some of the courses, http://www.digitalboost.co.nz
        – come over to the new Manaaki Community with this link, and jump into some of the groups – https://manaaki.mn.co/share/fmTNHbQqRWxZxb-h?utm_source=manual
        – look out for our Manaaki-Do page coming up in the next couple weeks, it is going to be a free-lancer community where you can post jobs you want done in your small business which might be a good place for you to get some peeps to help you with your social

        All the best – Andy

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