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      How can I boost my social media and what decision to I make reg business?

      Question submitted 16/09/21 @ 07:17am

      Kiaora whanau, I have been in business 5yrs I have a good loyal clientele but could do with more clients to keep business flowing consistently. We are a small Maori owned Hair salon based in Petone/Wellington. We don’t have a website or a phone number on our facebook page nor do we have instagram, my online skills and maintenance are really lacking. I have managed to keep our facebook at 5 star rating these past few years with lots of great reviews but it really needs a good re-vamp! Also our lease ends after xmas the landlord will be knocking down the building, Do I continue to seek another building, re-renovate possibly collaborate with other skilled artist but have stress of more over heads or set up a home base salon and cut all over head stresses? HELP!!!!!!

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