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      Can social media help in sales of this concept?

      Question submitted 14/09/21 @ 08:47pm

      https://youtu.be/cwQaQXLo7z0 Tena koutou whanau I have developed this concept of indigenous Playgrounds. Nga Papa Takaro.. done a couple already but really hard to convince other councils outside of Auckland to engage or to respond. Stuck in on how to take this further now I'm I have moved to Wellington and started a new life I would love to push this concept or at least one into every iwi. To tell our stories publically. My first design I assisted with was at the ellerslie flower show. Manurewa we won a gold and it still stand... actually they both still remain present in Auckland and used daily. However to create more for every iwi at least one playground in each is still a dream. I have been slammed shut many times and not even replied too, am I doing this wrong ? Or is there a way to do this that I havnt approached. I can't get passed the emails or phone call that no one answers or replies too. Signed ( This Maori has no idea business wise ? ) P.s. Side line mahi is Taa Moko and setting up again in wellington ??after covid is slow and quiet and a little painful. So painting is my new thing. But all should be sold on a platform that works.. I'm stuck in the mud. Almost feels like it's too much to be honest. Engari haere tonu te kaupapa. Help Mai please. Lol

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      • Andrew Hamilton



        Reply submitted 14/09/21 @ 08:47pm


        Kia Ora Ra

        Good to see you here and your question. I feel for you – while I might know a few people personally, I also get no’s and rejections every single day, and lots and lots of emails ignored! Don’t let it get you down, go where the energy and where your mahi is valued I say!!

        This is pretty cool by the way – do you have any photos that you could share of the playgrounds?

        We have developed a new platform for Manaaki – here is your invite, please jump on and take a look, and hope you like it!


        We also have a pretty epic programme/initiative called Pakihi Maori which is a group set up specifically for Maori Businesses – already has 500 members this week!

        Go over to the new platform, tell your story and we will get others around and see what assistance we can provide!


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