Kia Ora Rosie !
Your boardgame sounds amazing ! Welldone.
As David has highlighted, take a look at the NZ Customs website for threshold infomration.
It is worth noting that even if you broke the shipment down into multiple parcels, if shipped as one consignment you will still likely see it treated as the same single order/value.
No guarantees splitting will make a difference.
You are likely to incurr additional fees from your supplier in doing this also, as they will charge for the additonal rework, packing and documentation required in seperating this order into multiple. A good hint is to think the more they have to handle the order, the more they charge.
As far as other due dillegence, I would be sure to check reviews. As purchaisng via Alibaba you should see reviews listed against your supplier on their site/listing. It is also worth popping them into Google and checking further reviews there.
Trust this helps, and goodluck ! I look forward to seeing your boardgame soon 🙂