Morena. Systems and processes are just as important as the creative ideas to run your business.
Not sure if yu have written a business plan yet but that is a great place to start – some good templates here

I would recommend some SaaS software to manage food costs and pricing, which should integrate with your accounting software. I find Xero great.
Worth meeting with an accountant to have another pair of eyes on your plan and finances and also check you have Xero set up optimally before you start. You can also get some guidance on tax and make sure you are planning right from the start.

Get in touch with the local council and identify any local regulations and certifications you need.

I would also recommend writing out your standard operating procedures for all your food prep and clean up. SOPs are ideally short, sharp and clear and identify a consistent way to perform key actions such as make a specific type of dumpling or to clean an oven. They ensure that you meet the same standard every time and can deliver consistency in cost management, customer experience, product experience and cleanliness.

There are more layers you can add, but that will get you off to a good start! Vicky