Dear Anonymous
If your clients and prospects are on LinkedIn – you should be there too.

If they are on Facebook, or Instagram, or have a stand in the local town square, or are members of the Penrose Business Association or The Dentists Association of Aotearoa, or if they read Stuff, or the Manawatu Gazette you need to be there as well.

You will find a diverse range of places to publish, do social media, hang out, create a directory listing which are ALL determined by your prospects and clients’ businesses.

If your reply is “our clients are all over the place”, then I respectfully suggest as an anonymous communications agency, your brand positioning is too broad. You won’t find any clients at all (except via referrals) if your positioning is “we serve anyone”.

I provide B2B marketing for SMEs.

From that one sentence, you will know if I am an agency who can serve you.

Try and write your own positioning in one sentence.
The web agency for travel businesses.
Public Relations for fashion and online retail.

Good luck.