Wow, thank you everyone. Blown away by your feedback and it really back up some of what i was thinking.
I’d love to take you up on the coaching offer Rebecca. What’s the best method for us to chat?

Grant, you have given me the kick in the bum to get the videos I have thought about actually done. thank you

I got my site confirmed for Wanaka Show next year and I have for some time been watching TJ aka Slammer man from the shadows. We spend a fair amount of time in Central so I will try and arrange a meeting next time we’re up.

I have a friend involved with Farmlands management that is going to help put a proposal together to sell products thru them. we’ll start work on this next week

I am also chipping away at getting products into FENZ but need to wait till after a restructure is completed…likely to be early next year before i can get this going.

Right time to make a hit list of tasks to really fire this wee business up
Thanks again team, have a great day