Hi Gareth

It looks like you’ve got some great products there. Having recently built a path winding down a steep bank I can see the merits of your tools big time. I had to give up the MTB for a few days to recover after munting my back trying to stop the barrow getting away on me with loads of pebbles!

If you’ve got a good market for your products it’s great that you are considering engaging some expertise to help you. Amongst our clients that are most successful online a consistent theme is engaging experts to help.

When engaging experts its still good to have a handle on the main keys to success and I recommend checking out this blog and with a video of an online class here: https://www.rocketspark.com/blog/post/254/Ecommerce-secret-saucethe-9-simple-essentials-of-ecommerce-success/

Some of the key essentials that I would focus on are:
– Do the basics of search engine optimisation. As an example, some of your product headings just contain a single word when you could provide more keywords.

– In the video at the link above I talk about the importance of blogging as part of your SEO efforts. I imagine you’ll have some expertise in trail building to have created the tool and I’d recommend writing articles and doing little videos about the trail building challenges that people face. When people search for a solution to a problem a blog with the answer is a great way to showcase your expertise and then introduce your tools. I’m sure you’ve recognised specific challenges to create your tools and you’ll have some great knowledge to share.

– I recommend testing Google shopping due to the visual nature of these ads. It can work really well. If you contact our customer success team on 0800ROCKET or email via http://www.rocketspark.com/contact they’ll be able to recommend our digital marketing preferred partners as there are plenty of rogues in this space.

– One of the experts you might consider is Hamish Conway and the team at Sell Global to help you get your products onto Amazon and other international market places. Check out the online class Hamish did with us here: https://www.rocketspark.com/events/.

– Buy now pay later services such as Laybuy and Afterpay help to increase sales and also increase awareness as you get listed on their marketplaces.

I hope that helps.

Kind regards