MOrena – I am going to let some of the other experts around traffic provide some guidance – I have learned this year a bit about this area, and that it is truly quite challenging to get traffic organically. More so that it is the work that you do (hustle) and pay for (yes, unfortunately) that creates consistent traffic over time – with little money to spend, I watch people use trial and error to see what works to drive traffic as well as pointing from other social platforms to your .com to see if that makes a difference.

On the subject of grants – there has been under covid-19 grants available to help business owners with capability development e.g. to get a web expert to help you, some of this has been 100% funded when normally it would be 50/50 funded – depending on where you live right now, will determine whether the 100% funding remains or not. There are also some grants like the MSD self employment grant – which is available to people who are starting their business to replace losing a job, it does require a business plan and assessment done.

Hope that helps Sasha.