HI there, thanks for posting this question.
It sounds as if its a combination of a challenge in hiring the right people who are committed to working the way you want, then how to manage their hours and pay them correctly? I hope I have interpreted the challenges that you are looking for assistance with correctly!

Probably the first question i would ask if which of these areas are you strong in with your own experience and where might you consider outsourcing to get expert help and enable you to focus your energies where you can really drive the business forward and also feel a greater sense of satisfaction?

Hiring – it could benefit you to develop a structured approach to hiring where your have a set of experience and behaviours that you are looking for, and you ask the same questions of everyone potential hire so you can get a consistent type of person. You might also say how can you find more people like your star employees – do they have friends or family they can recommend. Some businesses provide a small incentive is some one is referred and hired which can then create a community who like to work together.

Tracking hours – there are some great apps out there that would enable you to track the hours per job and the hours per employees which can then translate into payroll. Automation feels key to manage these elements accurately and consistently. Payroll is very complicated now with the requirements to accrue for holidays etc more complex that every before. This is an administrative area that might be worth outsourcing – even though there will be some cost, it will relieve you of a lot of work you might not be enjoying, as well as ensure accuracy. I don’t have a particular business I can recommend, but a quick google showed heaps of options and you can compare prices and services as well as ask if they handle similar businesses to yours and ask for references.

Good luck! Vicky