Kia Ora Adam – I took a look at the Solid Oral Care website – – nice.

Sales guidance – online and offline. First question, where have your sales been historically coming from, what can you learn from those sales around how is your ‘sweet spot’ type of customer – identifying if there are commonality traits of your fans will help you build up a persona who they are (and how they are not) so that then you can go out and hunt for more of them online and possibly off-line. So maybe have a think about the data, to help inform you to focus going forward.

The other thing I would do is think about similar products in other markets that might help give you some thoughts or options for where you could target – and then do some trials to see if they work – the other thing if there are other people like Laura who operate in the industry who have seen the same thing she has, can you find them and turn them into sales agents or partners who promote it? Also have you thought about putting the products up onto marketplaces like Chooice or Konei?