Hi Michelle – absolutely brilliant website and content, and a really innovative take that I haven’t seen before in US-based learning content! (Which is the market I’m the most tapped into). Adding advice here based on my knowledge of friends/extended network currently with school aged children in the US that are either still stuck at home after 8 months without physical school 🙂 or are actively opting to homeschool. First: there are MILLIONS of high potential consumers for your platform in the US, so it’s an excellent market to place your focus. New Zealand is also widely perceived as a nirvana for child development and learning, so brand-wise you will do well as a NZ-based learning company (the novelty alone of not being American carries more weight than most people realize).

Per others’ advice, I agree that targeted marketing is an easy way to filter the right people to you. However, I would suggest as a start that in the US you target regions with close proximity to top tier universities. (Ex: Boston Massachusetts, San Francisco Bay Area California, Los Angeles Area California, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, New York, Austin Texas, Anne Arbor Michigan, Providence Rhode Island, New Haven, Connecticut… etc.). These are areas that tend to attract young and innovative teachers, and also parents who highly value creative educational approaches.

There also are numerous STEM-based organisations in each of those regions… getting networked into a couple and being a virtual guest speakers would give you exposure, and everyone is always happy to have guest speakers! So if you’d like more specific suggestions on where to network for that, happy to get more granular with you and I can share what I know about – especially in the Bay Area. Feel free to email me: michelle.claire.allbon@gmail.com and always keen to give advice that helps more innovative learning approaches like this get back to my home country!