Hi There

It looks like a great product and a nice looking website.

It would be worth checking out this article and the video of the online class which covers off a number of relevant topics for growing sales online. To succeed online will take a combination of factors:

A couple of other points:
– If you search Google for SPF50 swimwear you’ll see others are doing Google Shopping ads which would be worth a look. The fact that you have nice designs will help with the visual nature of the Google Shopping ads.
– Explore additional payment options to PayPal. We saw higher basket dropout with PayPal vs Stripe or Windcave due to the extra confusion around whether you need a PayPal account
– Definitely set up buy now pay later services such as Laybuy and Afterpay. Amongst our client base these services have worked super well in the fashion / clothing categories. The payment providers’ marketplaces are a great source of traffic too as people explore where else they can spend their approved credit.

I hope that helps.