Hi Grant, thank you for your advice, greatly appreciated and apologise for the delay in response. Im currently building a website through Wix, I have found it pretty easy to navigate which is pretty amazing, as Im not sure Im very tech savvy. I do believe that it is very important to have a central hub from which all things can stem, My music, my workshops with youth and pretty much share my love for music. Its not quite finished but it is live, Im trying to work out the best pay system to use fro selling CDs on there? hmm I keep hitting a few brick walls, Im sure I will figure it out.
My other passion is the work Ive started to do with youth, writing programs where I can see a need. We have just completed our 1st songwriting/studio wananga. It was incredibly satisfying. There is a lot of work that goes into writing, planning etc. Im humbled for your offer, any sponsorship is greatly appreciated. here is my email, I have checked out your website, looks amazing.
Thank you for your time.
arohanui Taisha x