I’m right in the thick of this and I can confirm we are operating in a new market right now.
Lots of things to consider here:
1) What stage you are at
2) How much you are raising
3) What market segment is your product servicing
4) Where you are looking to raise (NZ, USA or elsewhere)
5) As Andy said, almost all firms are focused on their existing portfolio, who needs more money, who do they need to cut off etc.
6) Are you known to the investors and if not can you get someone to introduce you

Any investors who are currently investing will need to be assured:
1) TAM – it has to be big
2) Competitive landscape – if the market is already populated then why/how are you able to win and maintain margin (are you highly differentiated)…entering any category that looks like it could be a race to the bottom wont make the cut
3) Are you relevant to your customers – in the new market luxuries or nice to have’s will not be the customers priority.
If you drive quantifiable outcomes for your customers and you are needed in this new market then there is no reason why you shouldn’t raise and execute your growth plan…you just need to find someone who believes in it/you and now you need to overcome the barrier of not being able to meet face-to-face too…definitely tough but if your solution meets this criteria then anything is possible.

Lastly, does your business need the capital now and can it endure the disruption that comes with pursuing growth capital…from experience there are a lot of expenses that add up pretty quickly but the biggest expense is the loss of time that you cannot get back and whether that time invested into your business may get you the same outcome, without the dilution.

Hope that helps and happy to chat if needed.