The simple answer is product market fit.

For specific advice, understand what product you’re selling and make sure you’re pushing something that is market relevant. Two trends happening right now:

1. Needs over wants – Discretionary purchases are being delayed. Try to find a need, not a want.
2. Inside over outside – Things that make extended periods at home more manageable are selling well. Think kitchen, entertainment, DIY storage etc. Inside bunker down. Not outside luxury adventure.

To be general, your market fit is determined by your customer needs. Get talking to customers. Listen carefully. What are they going through? What are they spending on? How can you serve their needs?

If you’re selling to marketers then understand their business goals. For instance many marketers are now in defence mode. They may have reduced budget with instructions to retain core customers and grow repeat purchase. Adjust to fit.

For offensive marketers, there’s less competition for space. So messaging that is on point could resonate and win share. Don’t gamble. Be a trusted advisor. Help them genuinely cut through.

Otherwise good luck. Stay positive. Stay nimble. And stay focused to ride it out