Strong advise:
1. If you don’t have a marketing or business strategy that makes the case for a rebrand (say the business is underperforming because the brand is attracting the wrong customers – or you want to appeal to a different segment of the market) – DO NOT WASTE TIME AND MONEY REBRANDING!!!
2. Rebranding has many elements – from customer value proposition design – to actual design and identity – to marketing. Pick which area will have the highest yield for you.
3. At first work with marketers that are marketers – not designers, brand consultants, etc. Find someone who can get the strategy and position right, that can create CVPs that drive revenue – then go to the makers and builders.
4. As far as launching a new brand in the current market, one would have to argue the timing is great. Media costs are down, down, down – you provide an essential service – consumers are re-evaluating all spending so you have a chance to play there. But to really answer your question is real work for a marketer to build the plan, budget and model.