Just adding to the already great feedback above, it could be worth considering how you can use the current environment to tell your story through unpaid avenues as well. Media are looking for content at the moment particularly on the impacts of Covid across many sectors and increasingly there is a place for stories that demonstrate the country / business community is moving forward to ‘revive mode’. If you have students who are willing to be interviewed or give comment and you would feel comfortable putting yourself in front of media it could be a great way for you to achieve editorial in relevant shows / online platforms etc. You could search out industry titles eg Education Gazette or go wider to the more mainstream titles. Please get in touch with me on mihi@gracepr.co.nz if you want to discuss further we can assist you if you need help or just give you a few tips so you can tackle it yourselves. Good luck! It’s a great initiative and well done for changing so quickly under these circumstances!