Kia ora Sean – As a creative myself I know how difficult it can be to make a living from your craft at the best of times. With the a cloud hanging over the future of the film industry I would be thinking about a couple of things.


1. What part of my craft can pivot right now into something essential that I can produce to support myself.
2. What are the skills and resources available of the people in my network that would enable us to collaborate and create a new product or service that leverages our collective expertise.
3. How can the value I build in the short to mid term create a longterm source of sustainable income.


1. Pivot
You’re obviously great at making apparel and from the film industry, I see you’re also into Steam Punk. Could you leverage those two things to produce a range of essential film inspired apparel to sell into your community or to sell to through larger online market places for film or steam punk fans e.g. Steam Punk face inspired face masks or gloves.


2. Power of your network/ community
The film community is thick as thieves and are some of the most talented creative people you’re ever going to meet. How could you pool that creative talent and focus it to create an initiative that could benefit you all. Could you collectively produce a high value online course focused on a film that you all worked on together and that breaks down some key scenes and how they were created from a production perspective. You could talk about wardrobe, another person makeup, another person lighting, the DP, Gaffer, editor, sound engineer etc. I’d pay for that service.


3. Long term value
As you work through the two steps above one valuable question to keep asking yourself is “what part of this product, service or process is scalable and repeatable e.g. Using point 1 above – face masks are probably here to stay, so could you leverage your film connections to license the production of Face Masks for feature films like the Avengers for instance and produce a kids range of face masks that have the nose, mouth and chin of Ironman as an example.


Just some starter for 10 stuff Sean, examples of how you can start to flex your creative muscles that align to the problems that people are trying to solve right now that can create value for you. We’re creatives so lets be creative right now, good luck and good fortune.