This is a challenging space to be in I think – both now and over the next economic horizon as external checks can be bought in house when budgets are tight. Sorry I know that is the opposite of a magic wand, but I want to be realistic with you.

So knowing that context, I would consider a few things.
Ensure your pricing is really competitive – make it compelling to build your base
Use this quieter time to build your network with key hiring managers and decision makers in this space, so you are top of mind when things pick up
Offer a solution for leaner HR teams – if HR and recruitment teams are slimmed down they may need to outsource some functions when things pick up and this could work for you
Build your profile as an expert on Linkedin. Consider crafting a 3 months communications plan covering the key messages you want to share about your expertise, benefits of using your service, etc and communicate with your target market

Good luck!