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The first thing that came to mind was targeting. Some industries will thrive during this time and you may have already considered this but it might be prudent to draw up a list of those industries and the businesses that operate within them using a simple framework:
Essential services//Grocers//New World etc
E-commerce//Retailers//MightyApe etc

Once you’ve created a spreadsheet with a long list of potential ‘thrivers’ start to consider how you might position your business and how you’ll target these businesses. (See Andy’s LinkedIn article describing the thriver segment – )

What’s your angle? How will you stand out vs the competition? Who are your competitors? What’s your unique value proposition? What’s your unfair advantage? How will you price your services to be competitive and sticky?

If you have clearly articulated answers to these questions then it’s time to consider your brand and marketing strategy as it relates to each segment you’ll target. If some of the above questions are a little loose then I’d suggest working through a lean canvas ahead of preparing marketing materials –

Shout out if you need a hand and I’ll help out as best I can.