Morena – thank you for reaching out, I also jumped onto your website which shows the amazing talent and creative skills you have – incredible actually and I am inspired by you – thank you for sharing. Now let me think about some thoughts which I hope would be helpful:

– What does Sean have ‘in his assets’ that he could sell now to people with the Film Industry largely being closed down for now? Who else would value what you have now, and how do you reach them – can you work on your web site, can you add some social accounts and use things like Instagram, can you put a Shopify account up as well to sell what you have?
– What could Sean ‘create’ that new people would value – this is different to selling what you have, this is ‘I have these skills I have developed and I can do similar things for you’ – for example, I reckon alot of people would love to have new cloths, new outfits as part of all of this Zoom, Hangouts – could you do some designer outfits for people as made to order
– that stream might be a bit wierd, but maybe you could sell some of your art to people to sit in behind their Zoom Calls ie on their walls?

It is a bit of a ramble sorry – but I will tag this stream and come back to it when we get others onto the page to give you some sorts.

My message to you is that you have real talent, you just now need to find a market or markets that wants and values that – that means you need to hustle, which means you need to get outside of yourself a bit, you have to let people know who you are, and what you have, and if you do that, and you work hard, you will find these new customers – I believe in you Sean!! Kia Kaha.