Kia Ora Debbie,

I too have experienced Alzheimer’s in my family and so my heart goes to you and your family at this tough time. Lots of great advice and suggestions have been offered in this thread. I would just reiterate a couple of points – this is a significant project at a time when you will be facing many other challenges. Partnering with someone either in the business world (ideally someone who has experienced Mark’s coaching, tools and techniques) who can support the process of developing the package through the next iteration or someone already in the coaching/mentoring field who could see a way to add this into their suite of offerings.

If you were keen to capture the legacy of Mark’s approach and style and share then another option is turning the content into a book (but this is certainly not a great way to monetise the IP). I am thinking about the book “Legacy: 15 lessons in leadership” by James Kerr as an example. You might want to consider publishing this as an e-book. Getting clarity of what you are hoping to achieve from your/his endeavour (your why) will help decide next steps. Happy to chat if I can be of any assistance