@andyadmin – thank you for responding with so much detail. I’ve taken a look at the Lean Startup and have ordered the book. I have really enjoyed learning this process and will use this as a guide moving forward. Excited to get stuck in.

– The idea is really “pimping” a service that already exists by turning it into an app and adding additional features. Based on the current platform, I know there is interest. As with most ideas, nothing is truly new. I’ve simply looked at this current platform and thought about a way to create a point of difference and add value. I know that if I don’t give it a go, in six months time I’ll see the release of something similar, then kick myself.
If I was to ask specific questions, it would be as follows
1. How do I share an idea for the development of an app while protecting the idea?
2. Is it reasonable to ask a developer to get involved on a risk basis with a commitment of shares?
3. I don’t have access to capital to invest, where do I begin looking for funding. Do I take a loan from the bank?

I have many questions but don’t want to take advantage here. I am aware that everyone on this platform is offering their time. The advice I have already received has helped set me on the right path.

Thanks again