hi Debbie,
Such a critical challenge and I understand the predicament.

My 2c; I always suggest to people to go back to first principles when looking to move their business or idea ahead; why are you wanting to move this ahead and what is it that you (assuming you’re the founding shareholder for arguments sakes) want from the business? Lifestyle? Certain Income? Wealth? Or just to share the gold from Mark’s experience?
This first question will then inform all future decisions, and whilst I tap this suggestion out very quickly, its not a question best answered rapidly.

The steps I advocate are:
The Why > Shareholders objectives > Business Vision > Business Strategy > Tactical action plans
Its oversimplified of course, but people tend to jump straight to stage 4.

I tend to agree with the partner route, either an individual or a company. One caveat, Business partners are like life partners: the right one can be hard to find.

Once you’re clear on the Why, or if you just want to get something built, My partner has built an online course using Thinkific. It is easy to use, has inbuilt billing and manages the course and content relatively well.

Hope that helps.
Aroha Nui