Hi there. We are on the same page and this needs to happen! As it stands and Vicky mentioned, the NSO’s (National Sports Organizations) tend to run their own. NZ Rugby ran a very productive one last year.

A quick summary of the public ones:
SPRINZ via AUT, would currently get the best cross section of people attending, although it focuses more on the S&C’s and Sports Science community with dipping their toe into innovation in Sport.
Sports and Exercise Science (SESNZ) also run a good conference – more research based.
Perhaps the closest to what you are suggesting has been the Sport Performance Innovation Forums. I presented there in 2018 and had a lot of diversity and LOTS of good innovation and show cases. I did not attend 2019 due to being away and don’t know if the format remained… not sure it did. It was supported by Callaghan from memory.

The missing piece is bringing sport, innovation and business together. Currently I am involved with the design and build of the NZ Campus of Innovation and Sport (Wellington) … happy to support this coming together. We have recently signed a partnership with NTT, which provides a very exciting opportunity to have sport and business working very closely, along with some other big hitters in sports equipment and technology. We are looking to open mid 2021. Feel free to connect directly. All the best JT