Debbie, my heart goes out to you and Mark. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers a few years ago. It sounds like Mark has developed some wonderful materials and insights that can help a lot of people.

I tend to be a realist in my perspectives. So, take this as just one opinion and one perspective to add to the mix. Starting and then growing a business is really really challenging, in reality. In the beginning, it’s more than full-time and it’s 7 days per week. The idea and the content is an amazing starting point, but it will live and die on the passion of the people that take it forward. It will need funding and commitment and a lot of hard work.

Is your motivation to get Mark’s amazing work in to the hands of those that can benefit, rather than making money from the IP he has developed? Either way, what’s key is finding someone that will own this project and drive it like it is their own. And, then some capital to get it moving. If you can find such a person, perhaps you could jointly form an entity where this person receives a large shareholding. Or, they license the IP from you and they start a company around this. Or you could license the IP to companies that can put the IP to great use, like existing coaching companies or tech companies that focus on online learning.

As this is a hugely personal piece of work inspired by Mark’s experience, has there been someone close to him over the years that has been profoundly impacted by either Mark as a coach or by this coaching programme? Someone with a personal connection that resonates with the programme Mark has developed? This may be a great starting point to find the right person to drive this forward.

Then, depending on who this person is, there may need to be capital provided for tech. If you have the funds, then you could contribute. Otherwise a tech provider that focusses on online learning potentially could do this for equity instead of cash, particularly if their business has been impacted by Covid-19.

Food for thought. Happy to further the dialogue!

It sounds like some amazing love to bring the programme to more people. Kia kaha