Kia Ora Debbie – this is a wonderful and I can see and imagine a really challenging situation – my father had the same, and it is a period of time that is both confusing for the person and also for the people around – God’s blessings to you both now and into the future.

What I hope might be helpful – is that what is needed is a ‘person’ to take Mark’s work and translate it into the next level or next version that could be taken to work – would that be something you would be happy with? For that to happen, it really requires finding someone who believes in the philosophy and method Mark was espousing and then how they might take it to market. A question, are there any people you have come across who have experienced Mark’s insights and methods first hand, who could be potential partners going forward? Often the best people to take these opportunities forward are the very people who benefited from his work.

I will think about others – my sense is about ‘getting a champion to take it forward’.

Kia Kaha, my love and respect to you Debbie.