Kia Ora Damon – well done for sharing, and asking for input. Starting a business is such a scary thing because it is hard to know ‘how’ do I do this and also whether the idea is going to work. There are a bunch of resources you access online like the Lean Startup that help you focus and also give you some guidance on methods.

I think about it like this – (1) form a view around the market opportunity you think there is and how you can solve that, write it up (2) go and test the market by doing some interviews with potential users/customers through interviews, just be careful that you don’t ask them straight away will they buy your product, because you want to ask how more things like how do you behave, what do you do now, how does that work for you – because you are looking for ‘pain’ or ‘unsolved satisfaction’ to build a business off (3) update your hypothesis from (1) and then go back to the market to test whether you can get people buying (4) with that knowledge, you probably can then build your initial product and see if you can get some sales (5) review fit and then start to look at distribution channels etc.

Note, it is pretty normal to be afraid about your IP – most people will not copy or steal your idea, because if it is really simple then others will be doing it – just be careful if the idea / product could have patent protection – then you need to get some advice on that – but what I would say is ‘value’ in any idea comes from people wanting to buy or use your product – not the Patent itself.

HOpe that helps – break it down into chunks, and just remember you have to flip into the market, the target market, and their needs and less so about you. All the best. Andy