Morena – As you’ve anticipated, you are required to agree annual leave dates with your employee, and unless the earlier discussions about his annual leave balance were very recent, I would advise you to talk with him again, then follow up in writing (by email is fine) to communicate the need for him to supply you with an annual leave plan to use up a certain number of days by a certain date. For example, you could say that you want him to give you a plan where he takes 10 days annual leave before 31 May. If he will not do that, you can follow up by giving him 14 days notice that you ‘require’ him to take a block of leave on specific dates. You cannot legally impose an annual leave period prior to conducting this process. Unfortunately your only other alternative for next week is to have your employee stay at home, on pay, if you cannot provide a safe physical environment for the work to be done. All the best, Fiona