Hi Debbie,
This sounds so frustrating, almost there and then not, and time needs to be on your side.
Could you engage a tech company that feels like it wants to take on shareholding in the business once you get it to live stat. Is this the way to approach it? Ideally they have the tools to market it too. Could you go back to the software developer used for ‘Projects made easy” (??)
But do you engage a ghost writer and take it to a book asap, build this story, create the marketing platform and behind the scenes the tech is created.
Is it feasible to develop a series of podcasts, breakdown versions that are easier for SME’s to buy in this environment and easier to get to market.
But if you want some ideas on marketing – happy to chat? 021654926, he needs to build his digital profile.
It would seem this is a tool that is needed and massive expertise.