I have two options you could look at – both relatively cheap to host but you would need time, effort and money to invest in making them fit for purpose.

So 1) is GlideApp, which is an App development tool that works with Google Sheets – I’ve just built an App myself on that platform but have needed help from one of the experts to refine it. Relatively straight forward – has payment gateways, video capabilities etc. and a young NZ expert at hand in Rotorua.

2) is Mighty Networks, which I am a real fan of, although costs a bit more for the site. It’s like a sophisticated Facebook Group with private social network and easy interface to build courses into it with payment gateway embedded.

Key issue with both options is how you get them to market and that will obviously involve leveraging off existing contacts, and marketing etc as with any new product.

Anyway have a look at them both and revert back for any queries