Hi there,

This is a great time to think about how you are going to build community to set yourself up for sales as things pick up again (which they inevitably will at Level 3). How can you build a community around your product so it will share itself? What do your community need? I love that you are highlighting Te Reo Maori, are you able to put up a word a day for people to learn, and the incorporate that learning into your designs? I’ve just checked out your Instagram and it’s great! If you have stock left over that you need to move, why not do an Instagram live sale and see how much you can shift? Also, don’t be afraid to be honest with your customer and let them know what’s happening, that you don’t have new stock coming right now and how Covid 19 is affecting your business. If they connect to your story and your brand they are more likely to buy from you. Also pop a link to your website on your Instagram account so people can click through and buy – tell them on your posts how they can do that, sometimes they just don’t know!