Hi there, this is certainly a tool that is needed don’t be worried about asking for money for your product – know your value. I agree with Melissa as far as developing case studies. My first point of call would be getting some micro bloggers/influencers to use it with their kids and provide a review/case study that you can use on your website/social platforms. Video is absolutely key and the great thing about engaging with bloggers is that they are experts at making them! Just be careful about saying ‘this programme was gifted in exchange for a review’ if you use influencers. You could of course also start a brand partnership with a more established blogger but this will come at a cost. Have you thought about creating a budgeting challenge for kids to participate and share your hashtag? Kids love a competition, put together a cool prize pack and have them share their results to win it. I would also think about who you could collaborate with in your space to spread the word. Are there other small business owners in the parenting space that you can cross promote with? Go for it!