Hi Andy, here is a bit more detail about what I am looking for.

My Innovation Consulting business has ground to a halt. Unfortunately my current client base are not able to commit to anything at this stage. I am looking to access some totally new networks in business and in government – perhaps in another industry/city/country – as I know that there will be businesses out there that could really use my skills right now! I am trying to find people that can help me connect into these other networks.

As the future of my Consulting business does not look as promising as it did two months ago. I am also looking to pivot a bit. I have a lot of start-up experience and I have alot of business ideas that I am currently considering. The one that seems the most promising is an e-commerce food business – with a real point of difference (as I know the market is flooded). I would really benefit from the help of any free business mentors that are available.

I am also looking to find out about any government or other grants that I might be able to access to help me get my start-up off the ground.