Hi Eve, sounds like a great VR platform.

Sorry to hear investment talks have stalled. The answer to your question does depend on how much you’re looking for and at what stage your business is at – it sounds like it’s at the very initial stages.

Generally investors will like to see some “skin in the game”, i.e. your own savings/funds funding the company (of course you have also invested time developing the IP for your VR tool). At an early stage, you might want to turn to your friends and family who might want to invest say small sums (e.g. $5k-50k+) of their own personal finances as they want to support your idea and feel loyalty to you and your cause. However, that might be challenge right now.

You could also look for angel investment (typically groups of wealthy individuals or entrepreneurs) who invest in start-ups.

I’m happy to discuss some of the options that I typically see with the start-ups I help – feel free to email me at edwin.lim@hgmlegal.com

Good luck