I would start by developing a pitch deck / document that outlines the following:
– what you do
– example of your tech
– size of total addressable market (TAM)
– your competition
– your unique selling proposition (USP) aka your secret sauce
– your traction / customers
– your model
– your revenue to date
– your team
– your plan to spend funding and return expected

You can find other resources and examples here:

Outside of that it’s important to determine where you want to secure your funding (ie NZ or international) as that will have a large impact on funding & resources available to you.

I’d then make a list of companies from which you want to secure funding, and leverage your network for introductions. NZTE, Callaghan Innovation, Icehouse Ventures, Movac, Blackbird are all reasonably easily accessible from within NZ, which is where I’d start.

Good luck~