Thanks Bee
I have been giving google docs a try but it is hard to make notes on a piece of music on the screen. My students are being wonderful, helping me learn to use the technology.
It just feels odd to have to take time away from lessons to step into web-design. I have done websites before in my earlier professional life and I know the need to have a clear vision of what you want. Guess that’s the key – map out what I want on paper.
I have been ‘burned’ by my website hosting business and am a bit ‘gun shy’ in looking for a new provider that can give me more than 3 pages (seriously, they recommended a site-builder that was limited to 3 pages but didn’t mention that).
Still, that was 3 years ago. Time for me to move on this. I don’t want bells and whistles, just a simple platform where my students and families can get what they need.
As easy as that. Thank you for helping me clarify my thoughts. Talking to folk like you is what I have needed but never made time for.