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My first thought is to offer your customers some photography tips to help them take their own shots while you can’t be at the hospital with them supporting this amazing moment in their life. You could also offer to retouch the shots they take.

By providing them with some great smartphone photography advice you’re helping them to shine during this anxiety ridden time and giving them a gift that might mean the difference between capturing a few terrible shots, or none at all, to capturing amazing memories.

I picked up an article out of the U.S which is worth a read – https://www.rangefinderonline.com/news-features/industry-news/how-portrait-photographers-are-pivoting-in-the-time-of-covid-19/

One relevant piece of advice from the article reads;
Lange advises newborn photographers to reassure clients that sessions can, in fact, be pushed until closer contact is deemed safer. “The photos you take of them with their babies are going to be cherished at whatever age,” she says. “Your clients may be really disappointed if they were hoping for a true newborn session, and we need to be there to support them mentally and reassure them that photos when their baby is 4 months old will be just as important to them as when their baby is two weeks old.”

So my advice would be to offer a support and guidance service for now that could be pulled into a series of short support documents and shared with current bookings. I’d then use these guides to create content snippets for use across social media, your website and other channels to help grow awareness of your brand.

When the time comes, where you’re able to operate at close quarters again, you’ll hopefully have built up a following and some advocacy from the parents you helped from the sidelines.

If you wanted to push this further you might consider offering some paid for photography coaching services where you teach a wider audience via an online learning platform.

Alongside this, is there an option to use this time to build up a portfolio of backlog and new images that could make some additional revenue through sites such as i-stock or shutterstock?

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