Ahi ahi marie – I am just so energised by reading your question. Such talent and so much potential. It feels like Covid 19 disruption is going to open many doors for you. I completely agree with the advice above on how to switch modes & markets to keep the income coming in. What I’d also be interested in you exploring is your own thought leadership. How can you capture your IP to help many others as a thought leader, not just as an outsourced contractor or consultant? As an award winning writer with interview skills, you’ve got prowess that could be leveraged to help the many many businesses, brands, people navigate the storytelling road. What models, frameworks, tools do you use yourself in content generation that others may benefit from? How might you monetise this? In training, workshops, webinars, a book? I’m thinking about the Amazon marketing comms template that recently did the rounds. Content marketing was a $118B industry in 2015, it’s forecast to be $412B in 2021. Content consumption is up 60% at the beginning of Covid 19. This is your time.
Go well