Hi Dee,

Good idea on the social media/marketing courses front. The social media platform, in particular, I predict to be an increasingly influential marketing medium.

Without knowing the type of AirBnB properties it is difficult to comment. If they have the ability to convert to be longer-term residential offerings, this would be a wise move. If they are more tourism-based i.e. holiday homes/baches, the New Zealand domestic tourism market should strengthen over time, particularly if the border restrictions stay in place as anticipated for the majority of at least 2020 so this would be a good space to keep an eye on particularly as kiwis will look for cost-effective local escapes from the current lockdown environments we are all becoming so accustomed to.

Look at fixed-term contracts rather than periodic tenancies to help give your Landlords greater financial security and approach current tenants on your books now also. Tenants will also appreciate the opportunity for greater certainty. Keep the communication levels high and check in with both your tenants and landlords alike – they will appreciate the service. Cheers!