Great recommendation @graeme-bulling.

Steven my personal view is the action is key at this time….by all means think of process and decision making frameworks…in parallel do a virtual workshop with your key stakeholders (team members, accountant, customers, suppliers, smart people you know – whoever makes sense) and work through;
– what are we really go at. not just the thing we already think we do but what the are the processes, thinking and areas of excellence that sit behind that
– what are all the other places those skills could be applied

Run this as a post it note exercise, no wrong answers, throw it all out there. Then work the answers into clusters of themes as a group. Discuss those clusters. Have you gotten to the heart of them, are there others way to express them.

Then take those clusters and ask – where else could they live – again answers on a post it, silence while everyone works through ideas. Share all the answers and work your way through them methodically. You might end up with;
– some ideas you love – but hard to make work
– some ideas you love – but others are doing them already. Can you do them different/better? Is there a new way of thinking about them in the new normal
– some ideas you don’t love but have legs – how can you fall in love with them (think of it as an arranged marriage :))
– etc
Don’t dismiss anything out of hand without a whole lot of desk research.
Consider using a tool like de Bono’s 6 hats to guide the thinking -when do we need facts, when do we need to all look at this positively, when do we all need to look a this critically, etc

Get to it and good luck! Vicky