Jess, Thank you so much for sharing your situation. It certainly is a challenging time. While at times it must feel like there is no path through, you don’t strike me as the type to give up. Well done on reducing costs and getting mortgage relief in the short term.

Is it possible to reduce the fleet size to reduce the mortgage payments? In terms of passenger transport, this is going to take time. But, deliveries is something that will continue to increase as we all get used to online ordering. Can you contract to a delivery company or lease out your vehicles to be used in this way to others? Or, can you become a delivery company? Headfirst Travel, based in Dunedin, has pivoted their business to a new personal shopping service hiring tourism drivers to deliver goods, called ToMyDoor. They are looking to expand all over the country, and are deemed an essential service. Maybe you can link up with them, or do something similar?

And, in relation to your core transport business and the amazing relationships you have developed with Apec, America’s Cup, and the Corporate Market, make sure you keep in touch and maintain those relationships. While Apec and America’s Cup may be delayed, the events should happen and you want to be right there to resume your contracts.

Hope this is a bit of alternative perspective. Think it’s amazing what you are doing.