I presume you’ve applied for your wage subsidy. The other measures available are:
1. seeking funding from your bank under the Govt Guarantee Scheme although that will be restricted depending on the prior financial position of your company;
2. Negotiating rent relief or deferment with your landlord;
3. Reviewing entitlements to tax deferment and recovery of tax paid, if you have historically paid tax on prior year profits but are expecting future losses;
4. Applying thru’ the Regional Business Partners network for funding for preparation and support for cashflow forecasts – limited to $2,000, but other services are also available on a matched funding basis;
5. Communicating with your clients to find out what their expectations are going to be as we move thru’ the different lockdown levels;
6.Taking advice from your advisers assuming they have forecasting expertise and don’t just do your annual accounts. One firm trying to keep things simple is
https://www.bdo.nz/en-nz/covid-19 But there are many more out there as well providing great support
7. for inspiration look at websites for overseas printing businesses to see what they might be doing to restart and generate new clients in this new environment- I checked your website – you may need to look at having some options on their to better submit quotes – look at promoting deals and offers – look at what marketing campaigns you can do to promote your brand with social media, Newsletters, having a more interactive website maybe.

Most of all look positively at the future, keep focussed on what you can do, rather than look with regret on what might have been lost, and think outside the box for new opportunities.