Hello, Andy’s interview with the PM captured a good comment. He spoke about communication and the need, as a small business owner, to reach out beyond your normal business bubble and look for was to collaborate with complimentary business or simple share ideas with other small business owners. As much as we want the easy way out and for things to return to “normal” this will not happen for most people. We are going to have some form of restriction place upon us for quite sometime and this disruption is an opportunity & a necessity for you reassess what your expertise is and where else could you leverage this. Juanita laid out some great thoughts above but also look for new opportunities/markets such as going direct to consumers via online and start talking to other small, medium and large businesses who will all be looking for ways to bring cohesion and teamwork back into their new work environments when they get back to business.

But right now cash is king so make sure you are reviewing your cost base, making cuts where every possible and stay on debtors list to ensure you are getting paid.
Best wishes