Hi there

There are many opportunities at your fingertips you need to evaluate and deploy if it’s right for your business:

– One of the things you can do to help with the customer journey is to consider alternative payment terms.
– Do you currently offer Afterpay, Laybuy or any of the other buy now pay later offers? There is an additional charge for them but it is a way that could potentially help everyday customers get the product they are looking for.
– From the corporate and club perspective, helping them with payment terms is another way to lessen and manage their cashflow.

So that’s the practical stuff, but the critical thing to do right now is to connect. In every relationship, there are functional, rational and emotional drivers why they choose you.
– If you have 121 relationships with organisations, make sure you put a phone call into them and check how they are doing.
– Listen to their concerns and challenges and new ideas may sprout from how you can assist them. But what you are doing, more importantly, is being a partner. And those are the relationships that will last beyond this.
– Think about what content you could help produce to solve their needs. They may need new ways to connect with their communities where you could be the conduit from a transactional platform to who knows what.
– With the corporate sector, there is an opportunity to continue to share how important our staff. Honouring them includes making sure they wear their brand proudly, so you can continue to share information such as this to remind business owners and decision-makers that we need ensure our teams have uniforms and apparel that fit, is purposeful and as we move into winter, keeps them warm.
– Consider with the 121 relationships that you might now need to work more closely to innovate on new and different apparel solutions. They might be cutting back costs so is their different solutions, materials, designs that can help you both get a win/win so they don’t simply go “shopping their business” to get cheap stuff vs. value for money.

Good luck.