Kia Ora Grant – thank you for dropping into Manaaki – I think we free ourselves of fear through engagement, through connection and for now at least physical connection in person is limited! But the need to be connected remains – and we all need hope – we all need the hope of being able to play hockey, play golf, engage in the kids sports teams and the like. The other thing too is that people are doing more zooms than they have ever with their customers – that means there are a lot of us on show with what we wear – maybe there is an opportunity there – I would however think about segmenting your customers from those that clearly are struggling (because their business is closed) from those that have continued to trade and may be more open and have extra resources to allocate to their brand leverage and extension – it might be that you think about how apparel can leverage the hope piece – how it can send a message to the rest of us that we can get through this. Wish I had more ideas, but I will think some more. Andy