Morena, really appreciated the detailed post -always so much easier to make useful suggestions with more context.

Sounds as if you are in a tough situation. You want to continue to build your business in your niche. Good idea. Food and bev will recover and you want to be there when they do. But you also need income. Let’s work through some options that balance those two needs.

First, food and bev hasn’t died, just moved. Get on the front foot and consider who is winning and how could you work with them. Fine dining doing takeaways. Can you help them with the content and digital? Can you create some clever PR. Who deserves to have the first dinner from the French Cafe delivered and how can you make that news? Great for the French Cafe and for you (as an example). New World stores are enhancing their offers in their local areas. Can you work with them on content. Does Foodstuffs or Countdown need more out sourced content writing to cope with current demand? Create a matrix of top 100 (nope I’m not kidding) prospects and what you will offer them and work the phones.

Second, short term income that might take you away from your current business but leverage your skills. Government, health, essential services are all looking for support. Have you seen some of the emails from schools? Definitely a few would could benefit from some content support! Again, make another list of 100 organisations who are busier than ever. What can you offer them that would help? Be specific, be targeted, offer value and flexibility.

In the short term you will need to pivot to being a sales expert – selling your skills as a solution to others challenges. And every time you reach out you will be one step closer to a positive outcome. Good luck!